WEBA Member Free Booth Application

    As a WEBA Merchant with a storefront in the West End of New Westminster you are entitled to have a free booth at the 12th Street Festival. Free booths will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

    Apply Now as we expect to sell out all booth space.

    Stretching along 12th Street between Sixth Avenue and Eighth Avenue. This year's festival will be held 11:30PM to 5:00PM on Sunday, July 28th, 2024.

    This is a $100 value, but free to current WEBA members.

    Vendors may access festival grounds via 7th Avenue anytime after 9:30AM. Booths are to be set up by 11AM.

    Vendors/Exhibitors Rules and Regulations
    Booth information
    Vendors will be assigned a specific numbered location. Power and water are not available on the festival site. Gas powered generators are not permitted. All vendors must completely contain all information, sales displays, signs, etc., within their designated space.

    Personal sound systems in booths are prohibited unless all emitted sound is contained to the individual booth. All entertainment and amplified audio will be limited to the two festival stages and authorized buskers.

    Vendors/Exhibitors may not change booth space without express permission of the event organizer.
    Vendors may purchase multiple adjacent spaces if desired.

    Political candidates and parties are welcome, but all information, signs, and activities must be completely contained within their designated booth space.

    Vendors may not sell or give away food products or drinks unless they are an authorized food vendor or a Merchant member of WEBA with festival organizer permission.

    We do require all festival vendors provide proof of insurance that covers doing business on city property, i.e. a booth physically on 12th Street. Your current coverage may need a special rider that includes the City of New West as an additional insured.

    Vendors will need to provide their own tables, tents and chairs. We selected July 28th as our date as it is historically one of the sunniest days of the year. All vendors must have a tent. Rain or shine the event will go on, and you will be thankful for your tent either way.
    Tents may be no bigger than 10’ by 10’ Tents must be self supporting and include weights to prevent it from toppling in the event of a wind gust. Spikes in the asphalt are expressly forbidden.

    The 12th Street Festival of the Arts is a community event. All booths must be appropriate for the general public. There will be no “Adult Only” areas, nor will such displays be allowed. No drug paraphernalia or pro-drug literature will be allowed.

    All vendors must comply with all City of New Westminster and BC regulations.
    Alcohol may be purchased and consumed at The Thirsty Duck Public Hours or Wild Thyme, both licensed establishments.
    No drugs or alcohol may be consumed at any other location within the festival site.
    Vendors or Exhibitors who violate these provisions will be immediately dismissed form the festival site and no refund given.

    Setup and Breakdown
    The event opens to the public at 11:30AM and runs to 5:00PM.
    This is a car free event. Vendors will be allowed to drive their vehicles onto the festival site between 9:30AM and 11:00AM to unload, but must immediately remove their cars.
    Vendors will not be allowed to break down or remove their exhibit until 5:00PM without express permission of event staff. Such permission will not be given unless there is inclement weather or other overriding concerns.
    If early breakdown/removal is permitted, the exhibit must be removed by hand. No vehicles will be allowed to come onto the festival grounds.

    *By entering your legal name and submitting this document, you acknowledge you have entered into a legally binding contract with the West End Business Association, as described above.


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