2024 WEBA Board of Directors Nomination Form

This is the nomination form for WEBA’s 2024 Board of Directors.

You may nominate anyone who you feel is qualified to hold a position on the WEBA board. YOU MAY NOMINATE YOURSELF.

You must be a member of WEBA to make the nomination and your nominee must be a member as well.

If you or your nominee are not currently a member of WEBA, we will receive your nomination. The nomination will be added to the ballot upon confirmation of your membership at the AGM prior to the voting.

You will be able to apply for membership at the AGM

    Nominee's First Name

    Nominee's Last Name
    Nominee's Street Address
    Nominee's Street Address (line 2)
    Nominee's City
    Nominee's Province
    Nominee's Phone
    Nominee's Email
    What is the nominee's connection/interest with the West End/12th Street New Westminster?
    Why is this nomination being made?
    What are the strengths and/or skills of the Nominee?
    Nominator's First Name

    Nominator's Last Name
    Nominator's Phone
    Nominator's Email
    Relationship to Nominee

    By submitting this form I understand that I am required to be a current member of WEBA or will apply for membership prior to the voting.

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