2024 WEBA Annual General Meeting

WEBA’s Annual General Meeting is right around the corner!
It’s your chance to involved in the future of your 12th Street!
We will be electing the team who will decide the future of our 12th Street Fest!

But WEBA can be more than a summer festival! Other New West neighbourhoods have events year round!
How do they do it?
It starts with an active board of directors and a great bunch of volunteers!
Over the last couple of years our volunteers have brought the West End Business Association and the mid-summer 12th Street Fest back from the brink of oblivion.

We need you and your friends to take it to the next level. Our financials are the best they’ve been in years. We’ve found a successful formula to put on the summer festival. The heavy lifting has been done! We just need some great community minded individuals to help share the load.

Do you need to be a Merchant to be a part of WEBA?
Heck no! Half of our Board of Directors were 12th Street residents or simply Friends of the Festival!

How much time does it take to be a board member?

The board meets once a month on a weekday morning. This year, the toughest job was to discover the secrets to a successful festival. The connections. The safefty and legal concerns, and how to deal with them. We won’t have to reinvent the wheel for 2024. Like I said, the heavy lifting is done. The grants from the city have been submitted. We just need to be organized.

How big will the festival be in 2024?

That’s up to the 2024 WEBA Board of Directors. If there is a group that wants to “Take it to the Top of Twelfth” the City of New Westminster has said we have their support! We are considering hiring an Event Coordinator to ensure we can fill 12th Street up and build a team of volunteers for the day of the festival to help with some basic security issues. This is what other communities in New West have done. But the 12th Street Festival was unique. It was truly a Community Festival! Our Corporate Sponsors, Metrotown Mitsubishi, the Match Public House at Starlight Casino and Key West Ford added to that grass roots flavour!
Loads of local volunteers let everyone know “We Are 12th Street New West!”

When is the AGM?

7:00PM Tuesday
November 21, 2023
Kamini’s Corner Cafe
909 12th Street

How do I get involved?

It’s easy! 12th Street Merchants can join by clicking this link.
Individuals can contact us directly via this link and we will get you signed up.

If you want to nominate a friend, or even yourself, as a WEBA board member, please submit the form below as soon as possible.

Click Here for 2024 WEBA Board of Directors Nomination Form


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